Research & Services

Whether it’s an evaluation of your project, an exploratory study in your community, or help designing a piece of research – we can offer professional expertise.

Our Previous Work

With combined experience of 45 years, we have completed research and evaluation projects across myriad areas in the social sciences, health, arts, and cultural fields. We have worked in partnership with health boards, arts organisations, community groups and policymakers to deliver high quality, impactful research projects. Please contact us for further details.

For an insight into the type of research we have done in the past, please see this website:

Our Approach

We use social scientific and creative methodologies as forms of inquiry in our research. No matter the context, we seek to work with people to develop new knowledge and insights. We value each person’s contribution and aim to represent these as creatively and authentically as we can.

How can we help you?

We provide research, project management and evaluation for people and organisations who really want to understand people; their experiences, opinions, and ideas.

We also provide consultancy for organisations grappling with evaluation; we can help you decide what’s really important for you to know, and how to gather and understand information.

We have extensive networks and contacts within the arts and culture sectors in Wales; and expertise in working in partnership with communities and artists. If you’re interested in using creative methods as part of your work,  we can help.

If you’re a university and would like to partner with us on a piece of research, we have combined experience of over 45 years. We can provide the level of academic expertise necessary for this.